Express End Cap Vs Standard Boom Comparison

Standard boom configurations trap chemicals in the dead-ends of the boom. Even when flushing the boom through an open nozzle position the trapped chemical never full flushes out. The new Express EndCap removes the dead end of the boom and eliminates the chemical contamination issues that are present in standard boom configurations.

How It Works - Express End Cap

Watch the 3D rendered simulation showing how conventional boom designs trap air, as well as how the Express Nozzle Body End Cap allows that air to escape through the nozzle body.

In the Lab - Express End Cap

See the Express Nozzle Body End Cap in action for yourself. We used see-through tubes to show the air trapped in the boom when using convention boom designs, as well as the Express Nozzle Body End Cap's ability to eliminate the air trapped in the boom

Easy Installation

Express End Caps install in three quick steps.

Express End Cap Testimonial

Hear from Jeff Paulson, an applicator in Elbow Lake, MN, after testing the Express Nozzle Body End Cap on his sprayer.

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