Six Stream Ceramic Spray Nozzles

The ESI six stream nozzle is ideal for applying fertilizer into solid seeded crops. It creates six individual streams that distribute the fertilizer on the soil while getting less on the crop.


  • Six streams distribute fertilizer more evenly than one single stream
  • Provides extremely course droplets improving fertilizer distribution
  • Reduced atomization limits leaf burn and scorching
  • Spacing and spray height is similar to 110° broadcast tips


  • Wear resistant ALBUZ® ceramic orifice
  • FastCap model adds convenience and safer handling
  • Application chart on next page

Part Numbers include: ESI-110015 FC-ESI-110015 ESI-11002 FC-ESI-11002 ESI-110025 FC-ESI-110025 ESI-11003 FC-ESI-11003 ESI-11004 FC-ESI-11004 ESI-11005 FC-ESI-11005 ESI-11006 FC-ESI-11006 FC-ESI-11008 FC-ESI-11010 FC-ESI-11015 FC-ESI-11020P 22W11MF64 65-BS205

California residents: see Proposition 65 information

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