The AVI-Twin (ATW) brings drift control and coverage together.  Using proven AVI technology, the AVI-Twin draws air into the tip, mixing it with the spray to create a twin spray of drift resistant air-filled droplets.  Drift is greatly reduced, spraying the canopy with dual trajectories to improve coverage.


  • Coverage-enhancing twin patterns form a single tip
  • Drift-reducing AVI venturi technology


  • 60-degrees of separation from fans
  • Pressures from 40 to 100 psi
  • Wear-resistant ceramic orifices
Part Numbers include: ATW-11001 CAP01-01 ATW-110015 CAP01-015 ATW-11002 CAP01-02 ATW-110025 CAP01-025 ATW-11003 CAP01-03 ATW-11004 CAP01-04 ATW-11005 CAP01-05

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