3378 Series

Cleanload Max

Large capacity eduction system with a low ergonomic working height for safe and fast batch mixing and loading of liquid and dry chemicals.


  • Modular design allows flexibility in building an eduction system using multiple Cleanload Max, standard Cleanloads and auxiliary components for bulk transfer
  • 40 or 60 gallon , full draining, cone-bottomed tank for a 20:1 ratio with 800 or 1200 gallon sprayers
  • Translucent tank with molded in graduations allows user to easily see fluid levels
  • Market leading eduction rates allow operator to spend less time loading and more time spraying
  • 2” or 3” bypass educator plumbing system allows for direct filling of sprayer tank when not educting chemicals
  • CycloRinse and ProClean bottle rinse prevent cross contamination of chemicals
  • Extends the life of transfer pumps by educting abrasive and corrosive chemicals downstream

Part Numbers include:  3378-1140, 3378-1140-2BYP, 3378-1140-3BYP, 3378-1640, 3378-1640-2BYP, 3378-1640-3BYP, 3378-1160, 3378-1160-2BYP, 3378-1160-3BYP, 3378-1660, 3378-1660-2BYP, 3378-1660-3BYP, 3371-0044, 3371-0045, 3371-0046, 3371-0047

California residents: see Proposition 65 information

chem-blade clm 

  • The new Chem-Blade CLM is specifically designed to be installed in the Cleanload Max for maximizing performance
  • Allows you to easily drop the chemical container or bag to empty in seconds, and then immediately rinse the containers for proper disposal
  • With the Chem-Blade CLM and ProClean bottle rinse working in tandem, the operator can properly rinse all containers on site
  • Visit the Chem-Blade website for details

performance charts

order information charts



OIPM: 3378 Cleanload Max Chemical Eductor L-1587
L-1587 - Cleanload Max OIPM
Sales Sheet: 3378 Cleanload Max Sales
512 - Cleanload Max Sales Sheet
Spray Better Brochure
Spray Better Brochure

3D STEP files*

Download 3D STEP File

STEP: 3378-1140 Cleanload Max 3D STEP file
3378-1140 - Cleanload Max - STEP file
STEP: 3378-1140-2BYP Cleanload Max 3D STEP file
3378-1140-2BYP - Cleanload Max - STEP file
STEP: 3378-1140-3BYP Cleanload Max 3D STEP file
3378-1140-3BYP - Cleanload Max - STEP file
STEP: 3378-1660 Cleanload Max 3D STEP file
3378-1660 - Cleanload Max - STEP file
STEP: 3378-1660-2BYP Cleanload Max 3D STEP file
3378-1660-2BYP Cleanload Max - STEP file
STEP: 3378-1660-3BYP Cleanload Max 3D STEP file
3378-1660-3BYP - Cleanload Max - STEP file
STEP: 3371-0044 Cleanload Max Bypass 3D STEP file
3371-0044 - Cleanload Max 2" Bypass - Step File
STEP: 3371-0047 Cleanload Max Bypass 3D STEP file
3371-0047 - Cleanload Max Bypass - Step File
To access these 3D models you must have the appropriate CAD software for STEP files
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