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Golf courses use spraying to apply fertilizer for healthy grass, and pesticides to eliminate pests and insects, and herbicide to eliminate weeds. Pesticides can help limit the damage caused by insects. Insecticides, herbicides and fungicides are used wisely to guard the health of turf, trees and other living things throughout the golf course. Unique challenges with golf spraying include uneven ground, different grass types in the fairway, rough in greens, and close neighbors. Golf courses also spray paint, usually in the fall, to keep the grass looking green. While golf courses make up the majority of turf spraying, other uses will utilize similar strategies for application, for example lawn care.


Hypro can provide all of the accessories for sprayer plumbing, including Express Boom Assembly for preassembled boom plumbing. Hypro’s line of nozzles are an ideal choice for fertilizer and pesticide spraying.

  • The Hi-Flow is an impactful, general purpose nozzle that has 140 degree spraying angle which allows for good coverage across the boom in uneven course areas.
  • Hypro’s other nozzles, like the GuardianAIR Twin, GuardianAIR, Guardian, and VP Flat Fan provide the right combination of droplet size and angle for applying pesticides to grass.
  • Prostop_E electronic valve allows for individual nozzle shut off which helps the sprayer utilize GPS mapping and eliminate over spraying.
  • The Cleanload is also a fast, safe, and easy way to load the turf chemicals, nutrients, etc.

Hypro’s diaphragm, roller, and centrifugal pumps are commonly used for turf spray application.

  • Diaphragm pumps offer higher pressure capabilities, which is important for meeting the application requirements of turf spraying. 
  • Roller pumps are used as well when the pressure requirements are lower for certain machines to operate effectively.

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