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Depending on the conditions, roadway spraying services range from spray anti-icing and deicing liquid, anti-dust for dirt roads, and roadway shoulders herbicide.  This industry is looking for ways to perform spraying quicker and more economically. Anti-icing and deicing applications are most commonly performed on roadways, airport runways, and parking lots. There are also common applications of spraying for dust suppression on dirt roads, along with highway and road shoulder weed management.


There are many nozzles and plumbing accessories that Hypro carries that are perfect for the needs of this market.

  • Hypro’s ESI nozzle provides six evenly spaced liquid streams that utilize a pre-orifice for stream stability, even at high speeds. This makes it a perfect choice for anti-icing, deicing, and anti-dust applications.
  • The Boom XT boomless nozzle is ideal for any roadway application and is most often used for shoulder herbicide spraying where avoiding obstacles is necessary.
  • The Express Boom Assembly allows roadway spraying truck manufacturers an easy, pre-leak tested solution to utilize nozzles effectively.
  • In addition, Hypro’s plumbing accessories, including the ProStop-E electronic valves, allow for precise chemical application.


Hypro offers a diverse pump product line to meet your needs. The broad, versatile line includes models with rugged housings of cast iron, stainless steel and polypropylene that stand up to strong chemical attack.

  • Hypro’s centrifugal pumps and roller pumps are commonly used for this application.
  • Stainless steel pumps are ideal for use with the harshest applications and extend product life. Choose from gear, pedestal, flange, DC clutch, hydraulic motor and belt drives, as well as models that are closed-coupled to gasoline engines.  


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