Industry overview

The pest control industry uses precise applications of chemical to treat a variety of pest issues, most commonly along the perimeter of houses. The sprayer is typically in the bed of a truck with a large tank and long hose reel. Due to the length of the hose, a high pressure pump provides the necessary pressure at the spray gun. The pump will also need enough flow to provide the agitation that is essential to keep the chemical in suspension while in the tank.


Hypro has a wide variety of pumps that would be appropriate for this market.

  • Diaphragm pumps are capable of the higher pressure needed in the pest control industry. Also, the materials of construction are compatible with pest control chemicals.
  • Hypro’s medium pressure diaphragm pumps are ideal for handling the long hose reels which need to be appropriately pressured.
  • Roller pumps can also be an option due to their reliability and affordability, that provides the necessary pressure needed in this application.

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