Industry overview

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is required for nearly all Tier IV diesel engines. Transferring this fluid between various sized tanks requires specially equipped pumps that are certified for the application. The application requirements depend on the size of the tank, which relate to the flow rate needed to transfer the fluid.


Hypro has a range of DEF Certified transfer pumps that are capable of transfer rates from 5 gpm to 200 gpm (19 L/min to 757 L/min).

  • When it is necessary to transfer DEF from the tanker truck to a stationary storage tank, a pump that provides a transfer rate of 30-200 gpm (114-757 L/min) should be utilized. Hypro’s 2” poly hydraulic or gas engine drive transfer pump would be the recommended pump for this application.
  • The same transfer rate is suggested for transferring from the stationary storage tank to a mobile tank such as a tank on a fuel trailer. Here, the 2” poly electric motor drive transfer pump would be suggested due to the location of the storage tank.
  • Finally, when transferring from the fuel trailer to the equipment DEF tank, transfer rates between 5-15 gpm (19-57 L/min) are suggested. The Shurflo SF-1100 would be the suggested pump for this application.
  • The FM-1100 flow meter can be utilized to track the amount of DEF that has been transferred.

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