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The Crop Spraying industry is dominated by self-propelled sprayers with some pull behind sprayers, depending on the size of the fields. The most common crops include soybeans, corn, and wheat. The industry is moving towards precision agriculture to accurately apply liquid fertilizer and pesticides in ways that improve yield while reducing input costs.


Hypro’s line of agricultural nozzles are specifically designed to improve efficacy, thus improve yield, while spraying liquid fertilizer, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. 

  • The six technology nozzles utilize a range of methods, including angled spray and air induction, to increase efficacy and reduce drift.
  • Boom plumbing accessories like Express Boom Assembly and Express End Cap help improve boom hygiene resulting in yield increases.
  • The ProStop-E provides individual nozzle shut off, reducing over spray, which saves on chemical waste and increases yield.


Hypro’s line of centrifugal pumps are used for a wide range of flows at common spraying pressures that cover most crop spraying applications.

  • The high flow rate capability combined with the wide range of flows that centrifugal pumps provide make it a great choice for this market.
  • Hypro roller pumps are used broadly, for applications requiring lower flows and/or higher pressure. Roller pumps are simple, easy to install, and fit into many system configurations.


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Spray Nozzle Guide
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Spray Nozzle Decision Tree
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Crop Spray Pocket Guide - UK
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Nozzle Decision Tree - Europe-UK version
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