The ProStop-E Impact

OPPORTUNITY: Farmers are continuously trying to avoid spray overlap of already sprayed sections of their field, as well as general over application of chemicals because it wastes money. Under application is also an issue. Skips and under treated areas in the field lead to increased weed pressure and weed resistance. Some farmers have tried solenoid valves for controlling spray activation and deactivation; but they can be problematic, as they can stick when heavier solutions  are being sprayed. Precision Ag demands individual nozzle control as a necessary tool to further enhance your efficiency of chemical application.

SOLUTION: Hypro's ProStop-E is an individual nozzle control system. The award winning product provides instantaneous on/off control with 12 volt actuation. Eliminating misapplications and waste, the system will prevent chemical burn and stunted crops.  The valve utilizes a robust, quarter-turn electric ball valve that is highly reliable as compared to solenoid and plunger valves. The ProStop-E valve continuously utilizes an extremely low amount of power and provides a high flow capacity in a compact valve design.

Users have been extremely impressed with the ProStop-E, as it has helped to save on chemical, time, operator fatigue, and reduced crop damage. It has proven itself to be an impactful addition to any user’s spraying needs.  View the testimonial to hear more about the success of the ProStop-E.

ProStop-E Testimonial

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Mix and load chemicals quickly and safely

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Quick Turn off, easy boom clean out


Longer life and worry free operation

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