Forcefield Impact

OPPORTUNITY: Dry run failure is an issue applicators consistently try to avoid. Running a centrifugal pump dry will cause pump intervals to be overheated and the excessive vibration problems will shorten seal life.

SOLUTION: ForceField seal technology is designed to protect against today’s harshest chemical and application environments. The technology protects against dry run failure and prevents costly in-season downtime. By automatically adjusting seal chamber pressure, ForceField will ensure a much longer seal life. It’s components are designed for today’s harshest applications like high volume liquid fertilizer application on large capacity sprayers. With a maintenance-free operation, users are impressed by how well the pumps run and how there is virtually no chemical and fertilizer bonding failures.

Take a look at the video to see how you can increase your pump and seal life with ForceField Seal Technology.

Forcefield Video

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No more overlap and instant on/off control


mix and load chemicals quickly and safely

Express End Cap

Quick Turn off, easy boom clean out

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