the challenge today

Many spray operators are challenged with maintaining consistent flow rates while slowing down or speeding up during their spray applications. In modern sprayers, any change in speed will affect the water pressure and droplet size. 

If a sprayer is driving at faster speeds it will result in too fine of a spray pattern, thus creating drift complications. Slower speeds cause the water pressure to lower and will result in the spray pattern to weaken.

To help you manage your pressures, we have developed the Duo React system. A twin nozzle body that controls your spray droplet size, limit drift potential, and allows you to drive 30% faster.

why duo react?

  1. Speed Flexibility: with proper nozzle selection, the system automatically switches nozzles to provide droplet size stability over a large speed range. 

  2. Variable Rate Applications: by selecting the nozzle size combination that offers your desired application range, you can apply a variable rate liquid fertilizer

  3. Boundary Spraying: Utilize a drift reduction nozzle around the boundary of your field, then switch to a standard nozzle for the rest.

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Sales Sheet: Duo React 488
4214 Duo React Sales Sheet 488
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