The Cleanload Impact

OPPORTUNITY: Today, spray operators are challenged with climbing on machines while handling expensive and dangerous materials. There are significant impacts to the spray operation and the environment if not done correctly. Operators are constantly looking for quick and safe ways to mix and load chemical properly that doesn’t waste time or money.

SOLUTION: The Pentair Hypro Cleanload is a self-contained eduction system that allows the operator to mix liquid and dry chemicals safely and quickly at ground level.  The Cleanload features the CycloRinse™ system which provides premium tank cleaning and meltdown of flowable powders. It works to bring concentrate into a supersaturated stream that is then dispersed into the tank in a clean and easy process that will further improve the quality of your tank mix. In result, your transfer pumps will have an extended life by educting abrasive and corrosive chemicals downstream. The Cleanload is also available in different configurations to suit a variety of applications.

Watch the video below and see how quick and easy the chemicals are mixed!

How it works

Quick Fact

Express End Cap

Quick turn off, easy boom clean out


No more overlap and instant on/off control


longer life and worry free operation

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