Nozzles approved for Engenia® Herbicide

  • ULD120-04 or FC-ULD120-04 (20-60 PSI)*
  • ULD120-05 or FC-ULD120-05 (20-60 PSI)*
  • ULD120-06 or FC-ULD120-06 (20-50 PSI)*
  • For an up to date list of approved nozzles with Engenia herbicide visit

*Must use a DRA on approved list

Always read and follow label instructions

Engenia is a registered trademark of BASF Corporation

Quick Select Chart

Quick select chart for XtendiMax™ with VaporGrip™ Technology


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Dicamba 2 4-D Approved Nozzles 518
Dicamba 2 4-D Approved Nozzles 518
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