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Pentair Hypro's reputation for quality spray pumps began in 1947. Nearly 70 years later, Hypro pumps remain in high demand throughout the world and are regarded as the pump people trust.  The Hypro brand has continually delivered excellence with their pump technology while offering innovative designs that keep up with the needs of today’s consumer.

Pentair Hypro’s product line also includes spray nozzles and accessories used in the agricultural, pressure cleaning and industrial equipment industries. Through research and rigorous lab and field testing, Hypro has delivered extremely effective spray nozzles for the full spectrum of spraying needs.

Hypro provides support throughout the purchasing process and beyond. From sales representatives that assist in the selection and purchasing of the products, to technical representatives that provide maintenance and support, Hypro has an exceptional support system for our customer.

SHURflo is part of the Flow Technologies Group of Pentair, Inc. (PNR), a diversified operating and publicly held company founded in 1968. SHURflo has built its reputation by filling the needs of markets that it serves. SHURflo developed a line of pumps that not only met the need, they worked so well that 25 year old pumps are still working hard and efficiently. SHURflo has remained responsive to the changing needs of this industry that pumps built today are even quieter, draw fewer amps and are more efficient than those original pumps of the past.

Hypro - WHere Trust and Technology Meet 

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